Refund policy

We clearly exhibit on our web which types of videos we produce for our customers or users. It is explicitly clear that our content includes sexually explicit videos and that all of our actors and actresses are over 18. It is also clear the type of files available in different media formats and we also show previews or summaries of each of the videos available to download to let the user know the kind of content they will be downloaded prior to download.

We also show a compilation of photos of each of the pre-download videos. Therefore we understand that offers enough information about the videos to download and the user has full knowledge of the adult content of videos we offer to be downloaded (playback format files). Also that all videos work perfectly on different available formats.

You also enjoy the right of withdrawal within 14 days from concluding the contract for online digital content. However, once you start downloading or streaming the content you may no longer withdraw from the purchase, provided the trader has complied with his obligations. Specifically, the trader must first obtain your explicit agreement to the immediate download or streaming, and you must explicitly acknowledge that you lose your right to withdraw once the performance has started.

If you want to enjoy the right of withdraw because you didn’t start to download or streaming the content, you can send us a mail to: and we will study the case. We will inform you within 3 days from sending us your mail.